Rainbow Dots

Rainbow Dots

Red Cookies Dots

Ref: 61175

A suggestive passion-red topping with biscuit crumble. DOTS RED COOKIES will be a magnet for pleasure lovers.

  • Units36u

  • Weight60g

Purple White Dots

Ref: 61135

What would DOTS be without chocolate? Real chocolate lovers will ask for PURPLE WHITE.

  • Units36u

  • Weight57g


Ref: 61145

Think DOTS with colour, that’s YELLOW FRUTTI. Make it the focal point for your business.

  • Units36u

  • Weight56g


Ref: 60675

As tasty as it looks, with its alluring pink icing and the delicious mini marshmallow sweets, the PINK MARSHMALLOW will lead your customers into temptation.

  • Units36u

  • Weight59g