BallDots and LongDots Original®

& LongDots Original®

Jelly Filled BallDots Original®

Ref: 90159

A delicious filled doughnut coated with sweet granulated sugar and filled with an irresistible raspberry jelly.

  • Units36u

  • Weight3.10oz

Plain BallDots Original®

Ref: 35890

These are plain, soft doughnuts- ideal for customizing with your own ideas for fillings and toppings.

  • Units36u

  • Weight1.94oz

Crème Filled Cocoa BallDots Original®

Ref: 64190

Soft dough filled with a delicious custard flavored crème filling and coated in a cocoa shell.

  • Units36u

  • Weight3.53oz

Cocoa & Hazelnut Filled LongDots Original®

Ref: 62810

Soft dough in long format filled with delicious cocoa and hazelnut flavor. Decorated with granulated sugar on top.

  • Units24u

  • Weight3.52oz