Dots Original®


Glazed Dots Original® CL

Ref: 85151

Soft dough decorated with glazed sugar on top, made with clean label ingredients. Hand-made eye-catching appearance for the sweet tooth. Just thaw and eat for ease and convenience.

  • Units36u

  • Weight1.83oz

Large Glazed Dots Original®

Ref: 85591

The classic Dots bigger than ever with the same flavor and softness. Hand-made appearance and glazed with sugar for the sweet-tooth.

  • Units48u

  • Weight2.47oz

Plain Dots Original®

Ref: 65520

The classic Dots with the same flavor and softness. Hand-made appearance and it comes plain to decorate and fill as you please.

  • Units72u

  • Weight1.55oz

Sprinkle Cocoa Dots Original®

Ref: 83084

This classic Ring Dot has a soft dough decorated with a layer of dark cocoa flavored coating and pastel colored sprinkles on top.

  • Units36u

  • Weight1.94oz

Red Cookie Crumbles Dots Original®

Ref: 61175

A bright red and beautiful cheesecake flavored coating with chocolate cookie crumbles.

  • Units36u

  • Weight2.12oz

Pink Square Dots Original®

Ref: 60115

Unique square shaped Dot with a pink coating and delicate sweet white stripes, decorated with strawberry flavored pearls. Delicious strawberry taste, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

  • Units36u

  • Weight2.26oz

Cocoa Dots Original®

Ref: 82301

Soft and sweet, with a hand-made appearance and dipped in chocolate for a picture-perfect presentation. Just thaw and you're ready to eat!

  • Units36u

  • Weight2.12oz

Dots Original® On The Rocks

Ref: 64920

An exquisite cocoa laden cake doughnut for anyone craving a rich chocolaty flavor experience. This eye-catching doughnut will stand out in a display case, enrobed in a white icing and scattered everywhere with cocoa flavored bits.

  • Units36u

  • Weight3.10oz

Large Cocoa Dots Original®

Ref: 24690

The classic Dots bigger than ever with the same flavour and softness. Hand-made appearance and dipped in chocolate.

  • Units48u

  • Weight2.82oz

Cocoa & Hazelnut Dots Original®

Ref: 82203

Soft dough dipped in cocoa and decorated with pieces of hazelnut on top.

  • Units36u

  • Weight2.26oz

White Drizzle Dots Original® CL

Ref: 87345

Our White Drizzle Dots Original® are new and improved with Clean Label ingredients! These delicious Dots are still as soft as you remember and are coated with a double layer of white chocolate glaze and a delicate chocolate drizzle. Their black & white pattern would catch anyone's attention!

  • Units36u

  • Weight2.65oz

Pink Dots Original® CL

Ref: 80668

Our Dots with a bright touch of color: pink! Delicate strawberry-flavored glaze with white sprinkles, to delight all the senses.

  • Units36u

  • Weight2.12oz

Confetti Dots Original®

Ref: 24260

Meet our new Confetti Dots, essential to make your display of Dots stand out with an added touch of color. These traditional ring-shaped Dots are dipped in a white icing with pastel colored sugar strands on top.

*Contains artificial flavors

  • Units36u

  • Weight1.98oz

Plain Mini Dots Original®

Ref: 39880

Our classic Dots, made bite-sized! Soft dough with no decorations, making it ideal for customizations; get creative with fillings and toppings!

  • Units65u

  • Weight0.78oz