Filled Dots Original

Filled DotsOriginal

Apple Dots

Ref: 68765

Our Dots contain small pieces of gelled apple that are reminiscent of jelly beans. It is filled with apple jam and has a white chocolate coating. Its colorful decoration and its flavor make it irreistible!

  • Units36u

  • Weight74oz

Cocoa & Hazelnut Filled Dots

Ref: 62920

Our perfectly soft Dots dough with a surprise inside: a creamy European style cocoa-hazelnut filling and drizzled with delicate chocolate stripes.

  • Units24u

  • Weight75oz

Custard Filled Sugar Dots

Ref: 62930

Soft dough filled with a custard flavored creamy filling decorated with granulated sugar.

  • Units24u

  • Weight70oz

Red Velvet Flavored Filled Dots

Ref: 67180

Soft dough filled with an irresistible yogurt-flavored cream filling. Top half covered in white icing with a touch of Red Velvet cookie topping.softness of our Dots. The red velvet biscuit topping adds the perfect finishing touch to these exquisite treats.

  • Units36u

  • Weight74oz

Caramel Flavored Filled Dots

Ref: 61530

Unique filled Dots with a secret awaiting inside: every little bite reveals a creamy caramel filling. The white icing on top is highlighted with a crunchy caramel topping for added flavor and added texture.

  • Units36u

  • Weight73oz