PopDots Original®


Cocoa PopDots Original®

Ref: 64220

Let's welcome these soft, fluffy mini versions of the authentic Dots. Coated with cocoa they become a miniature delight. Any time is a good time for a PopDots!

  • Units100u

  • Weight0.56oz

Cocoa & Hazelnut PopDots Original®

Ref: 64225

Cocoa & Hazelnut PopDots comes dressed in an elegant cocoa coating sprinkled with roasted hazelnut kernels. Just thaw and you're ready to eat!

  • Units88u

  • Weight0.63oz

White Caramel Flavored PopDots Original®

Ref: 64235

The White Caramel Flavored PopDots are truly a eye-catcher with its layer of white icing and crunchy caramel flavored topping. Just thaw and you're ready to eat!

  • Units88u

  • Weight0.78oz

Pink PopDots Original®

Ref: 64245

Pink PopDots are a total delight. Their attractive coating, with strawberry and cream-flavored sprinkles, are irresistible.

  • Units88u

  • Weight0.74oz

Powdered Cocoa Filled PopDots Original®

Ref: 68739

Simple yet delicious, these fluffy PopDots feature an ultra-creamy chocolate-filled interior and are decorated with icing sugar.

  • Units108u

  • Weight0.64oz

Triple Chocolate Filled PopDots Original®

Ref: 84258

PopDots® filled with cocoa cream and covered with chocolate, almost like a chocolate truffle. Decorated with a trifecta of milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate bits, these treats will surely satisfy any chocolate cravings!

  • Units88u

  • Weight0.81oz