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Retail Ready DotsOriginal

Cocoa & Hazelnut PopDots (16bx8u)

Ref: 88238

The Cocoa & Hazelnut PopDots are just stunning. They come dressed in an elegant chocolate coating, sprinkled with toasted hazelnut flakes. Comes in a retail ready bag of 8.

  • Units16u

  • Weight5.8oz

White Caramel Flavored PopDots (16bx8u)

Ref: 88236

White Caramel Flavored PopDots tempt us with their layer of delicious white chocolate and toffee chips. Comes in a retail ready bag of 8.

  • Units16u

  • Weight6.21oz

Caramel Flavored Filled Dots Original® (24px4u)

Ref: 66581

Unique Dots with a secret waiting inside: every little bite reveals a creamy caramel flavored filling. The white icing is highlighted with a crunchy caramel flavored topping for added texture and enjoyment.

  • Units24u

  • Weight10.58oz

Cocoa & Hazelnut Filled Dots Original® (24px4u)

Ref: 66578

Our perfectly soft Dots dough with a surprise inside: a creamy European style cocoa & hazelnut filling: drizzled with delicate cocoa stripes.

  • Units24u

  • Weight10.58oz

White Drizzle Dots Original®(24px4u)

Ref: 66577

Our perfectly soft Dots dough coated with a double layer of sweet white glaze and topped with a delicious cocoa drizzle.

  • Units24u

  • Weight10.58oz

Pink Dots Original® (24x4u)

Ref: 66576

Meet our special Dots, finished with a touch of color. Pink! Delicate strawberry flavored glaze with white sprinkles, to delight all the senses.

  • Units24u

  • Weight8.04oz